TTC Security

An industry leader for more than 20 years, TTC Security has the people, technology, and processes in place to provide the best security systems in America

What We Do

We perform Low-Voltage Alarm Installations on nearly any type of install (Burglar, Fire, CCTV, Access, EAS). We have programmers experienced in Bosch, FireLite, SilentKnight, and many other systems. We have NICET Level I, II, III technicians who routinely perform Fire Inspections. While we occasionally perform residential installations, our company’s main focus is commercial installations.

Our Mission

Continue working as an industry leader, by continuing to create a high level of safety, security, and protection to give the peace of mind all businesses deserve. The best in technology and processes 24/7/365

Our Goal

Provide every single customer with a long-lasting and efficient alarm system that will protect their employees and assets.

We are Working Near You!

We are completing projects in 40 states and continue to expand nationwide. Our large list of qualified technicians and subcontractors allows us to work in several markets while still bringing you industry-leading commercial installs.


Are your ready to put us to work?