Fire Detection

Safeguard your investments and facility with the latest in fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detection.

Fire Alarms: Monitor, Detect & Protect

TTC Security designs, installs, tests, inspects, and services fire alarm systems for all types of commercial properties throughout New England.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, an estimated 99,500 nonresidential building fires were reported to authorities in the U.S. in 2014 alone, causing death, injury, and $2.6 billion dollars in losses. A large amount of these fires were the result of human error in construction, wiring, or electronic use. A great deal of the injury, loss of life, and incurred damage could have been prevented with properly installed and maintained fire alarm systems.

Fire alarm and detection systems monitor and detect smoke, fire, and other hazards in your facility and quickly notify the necessary parties to move to action. As a foundational component of fire protection, the importance of an up-to-date, code compliant system cannot be understated. As a tried-and-true solution, all commercial properties and facilities across a number of industries rely on fire alarm and detection systems to prevent loss of life and and to minimize damage (and the resulting downtime) if a fire does occur

Types of Systems

From conventional and addressable control panels to mass notification systems, Encore engineers and technicians can design and install a fire alarm system appropriate for your facility, special equipment, and specific industry. We also offer 24/7 emergency service and system maintenance programs, and also can test and inspect your existing fire alarm system per your state’s requirements. Encore is a licensed distributor of top brands in fire protection, including Gamewell-FCI. Encore also provides fire alarm solutions from any manufacturer you choose ensuring you get the right technology to protect your assets.

Conventional Systems – A standard offering in the fire protection industry, this type of system offers individually-wired panels, perfect for smaller rooms or facilities.

Addressable Systems – For larger buildings or multi-site facilities, Addressable Systems connect alarm devices through a shared panel, notifying and directing you to the triggered device(s).

Monitoring – Detects a triggered fire alarm and electronically notifies authorities about smoke, fire, and other events.conventional-panels.

Mass Notification Systems – Delivers audible, visual, or text notifications to a large number of people in the event of an emergency situation of any kind.

Networked Systems – Distributes information about smoke, fire, and other events to multiple alarm panels, especially in larger facilities.

Voice Evacuation – Adds an additional layer of protection by broadcasting voice commands throughout a facility, in addition to the alarm, in the case of a fire emergency.

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